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He called Austria his "second homeland" and wanted to transform the Kurdistan Region Iraq into an Austria model of freedom, democracy, stability, humanity, prosperity and also a socially just society: Nawshirwan Mustafa, born 1944 in Sulaimaniyah, the so called historic "Paris of the Middle East", and died in his hometown May 19, 2017, in the age of 73. He was one of the leading democratic politicians of Iraqi Kurdistan. His death is a great loss for the Kurds. The following was a comprehensive programmatic interview, recorded at "Newroz" 2012 in "Gorran" headquarters in Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan Region Iraq. R.I.P, in memoriam and heartfelt sympathy, Ferdinand Hennerbichler


Amna Suraka Prison / Museum Sulaimani
Red Intelligence (Security) Prison (Museum). Erected 1979 to house the security and intelligence apparatus of the former Saddam Hussein's regime in order to subdue Iraqi Kurds. Liberated 1991 and later turned into a Museum. Director Ako Ghareb, artist (writer & painter). One of the most brutal prisons, interrogation & torture centers, and dungeon of contemporary Iraq. Located in a former Ba'ath intelligence headquarters and prison in Sulaimaniyah, provincial capital of SE Kurdistan Region Iraq. "Red" because of the red-like colour of the building. Symbol for Kurdistan Region Iraq's tortured past. Draws attention to brutal treatment of Iraqi Kurds in the past.


Dr. Musawir Barzani, leading Iraqi Kurdish intellectual, campaigner for human rights, democracy, equality, freedom and social justice, ret. lecturer at the History Department of the University of Sulaimani UoS. Graduated at the University of Vienna. PhD disciple of the late leading Austrian Human Rights expert Prof. Dr. Felix Ermacora.


Louis Raphaël I Sako, *1948 in Zakho, former Chaldean Catholic Archeparch of Kirkuk, Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholics and head of the Chaldean Catholic Church since 1 February 2013. Appointed Cardinal by Pope Francis on 28 June 2018. Interview Kirkuk 2012.


Zheen Archive Center; leading Kurdish archive for books, newspapers, magazines, handwritings, audio and videos, special cultural collections and documentations; huge auditorium as well as study and lecture rooms; special printing and editing of new books; Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan Region Iraq.



Music: Ingmar Hennerbichler (1976-2007)

PICS HOUSE & GARDEN: LINK: https://dai.ly/x8f8ap7

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