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The Origin of the Kurds
DNA Genealogy. Data Evaluation 2010

This lecture is based on a complete reshape by Prof. Dr. Anatole A. Klyosov in Boston, USA, of previous DNA genealogy data published most notably on the R1a1 tribes and their implications on speakers of the „Kurdish Complex”. The last evaluation update of this lecture edition is 3 November 2010. As Anatole A. Klyosov explains, are some of earlier works published 2000-2003 particularly on R1a1 in the meantime quite obsolete and should have been withdrawn. In contrast to assumptions of other DNA genealogists, Prof. Klyosov provides evidence that R1a1 tribes are as old as 21,000 ybp and that the focus point of their assumed origin is in the Uygur-Xinjiang province of China „behind” India, to the East, between Mongolia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and China. Prof. Klyosov is further questioning some other data published for speakers of the „Kurdish Complex“, especially regarding „I“ clans. Details will be documented in course of this lecture. All revised data provided by Prof. Klyosov include measurements of time-spans to common ancestors. These corrected results by Anatole A. Klyosov indicate an up to date authentic insight and a proper understanding of impacts of various DNA genealogy ancestors on speakers of the „Kurdish Complex” of today.

Prof. Dr. Anatole A. Klyosov
Prof. (1969-1998 Moscow/Harvard-Boston); Chemist, Biochemist, Researcher;

Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Pro-Pharmaceuticals Inc., Newton, MA, USA. Webpage including research-data:
http://aklyosov.home.comcast.net/~aklyosov/; cited findings: E-mail conversation to the author 26-29 Sept. 2010

The Origin of the Kurds (2011)

Ferdinand Hennerbichler: The Origin of the Kurds. Lecture. - Borsdorf (edition winterwork) 2011

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