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Kurds & Old Iranian

CONCLUSIONS > Prof. Windfuhr

"The Kurdish Komplex" and Old Iranian

Kurds linguistically Iranianized in pre-Achaemenid or pre-Median periods

„The first stages of the language of Iranianized Kurds could go back to the pre-Median or pre-Achaemenid periods. Whether the ,Indo‘-Aryan of the Mitanni, who were relatively soon absorbed based on the naming of their rulers, prepared the ground for the linguistic Iranianization process is an interesting but unanswerable question.“

Prof. Dr. Gernot L. Windfuhr
Professor emeritus of Iranian Studies
Department of Near Eastern Studies
University of Ann Arbor
Michigan, USA

Source in English: The Origin of the Kurds (2011) p 383
Source in German: Die Herkunft der Kurden (2010) S. 236

Influence of Scythian

„Old Scythian could have had some input during the early Iranization of the

Source: The Origin of the Kurds (2011) p 374

Old Persian and Kurdish

"Old Persian not an ancestor of Kurdish"

Source: The Origin of the Kurds (2011) p 380

Parsua (Zagros) and „Par-su-aš" (Fars)

„The Parsua in Kurdistan and the Parsuwash in Fars were probably distinct groups.“

Source: The Origin of the Kurds (2011) p 380

The Origin of the Kurds (2011)
Die Herkunft der Kurden (2010)
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