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Prof. Irina N. Medvedskaya


From: Ancient Orinst <>
Date: 6. Dezember 2010

Reference: Medvedskaya review

Dear Prof. Hennerbichler!

I have looked into your study. It's rather interesting. I am sending you a short review of your work, [...] (by) mail.

Best regards,

Inna N. Medvedskaya

Review of the study "The origin of the Kurds" by Dr. Ferdinand Hennerbichler

The main conclusion of this work is that forefathers of the Kurds existed already during the B.C.E. period and that they mainly were not of Iranian origin but presented independent autochthonous group of population. It seems to me that the realization of this project will fill an important gap in our knowledge of the ancient history of Kurds. Therefore I support the application of this project and am sure that the author will be able to accomplish successfully his proposal. I consider that Dr. Ferdinand Hennerbichler deserves “venia docendi” in History at the University of Vienna.

6. XII. 2010

Inna N. Medvedskaya
Head of the Department of Ancient Near Eastern Studies
The Institute of Oriental Manuscripts

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