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Dr. Ferdinand St. Hennerbichler
Born 1946 Linz, Austria. Studied History, German Philology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Psychology at the Vienna University. Ph.D. 1972, Thesis: Terminology. 2012/13 Decree „Prof. Dr. h.c." University of Sulaimani. Journalist since 1967 mainly for Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. 1980-1985 Austrian Diplomatic Service and assistant of late Austrian Chancellor Dr. Bruno Kreisky. Numerous articles, studies and books on Kurdish history, culture and civilization.

Ahmed M. Tabaqchali MSc

Born 1958 in Istanbul, Turkey. 1984, B.Sc. Mathematics, Univ. Canterbury, & 1985, B.Sc. (Hons, 1st class), Mathematics, Univ. Victoria, both New Zealand. 1991, M. Sc. Mathematics, Oxford University, UK. Adjunct Assistant Professor AUIS, Fellow at IRIS. Experienced Capital Markets professional with over 25 years experiences in US and MENA markets. Focus current research: Iraq’s economy, economic sustainability post ISIS and on the economic roots behind the rise of extremism

Dr. Melita H. Šunjić
Born 1955 Rijeka, Croat family former Jugoslavia; came 1957 as refugee-child to Austria; lived with parents in UNHCR refugee-camps there. 1986 Ph.D. Communication Sciences, Univ. of Vienna, since 1988 lecturer. Worked as journalist and 25 years for UNHCR as spokesperson and researcher in Africa, Asia, the Balkans and also Iraq. Executive Director of Transcultural Campaigning, a communication agency specializing in migration and refugee information. Latest publication available in German: Šunjić, M. H. (2021). Those who dream of Europe - Modalities of flight and migragration. Vienna: Picus.

Ahmad Eskandari MA
Born 1948 in Saghez, Iranian Kurdistan. B.Sc. 1972 Geology Univ. of Shiraz; D.E.A. 1978 Hydrology University of Bordeaux. Assistant of the late Sheikh Ezzedin Hosseini (1922-2011); leading representative member of Komala in Europe; spokesperson and international contact for Kurdish refugees with the ICRC in Geneva, Scandinavian Red Cross Societies and others. Numerous studies and articles on Kurdish history, language, culture and civilization.

Omar A. Sheikhmous MA

Born 1942 in Amouda, Syria. 1967 B.A. International Affairs, University of London. 1972 M.Sc. International Relations, University of Stockholm. 1978 Ph.D. Thesis prepared on Middle East conflict behavior but abandoned for joining the PUK leadership in resistance against the then Saddam Hussein’s regime. Veteran international Kurdish scientist, writer, translator, advisor & human rights campaigner. Numerous studies, books & articles about Kurdish history, literature, culture, & civilization.

Dr. Sarbast M. S. Nabi
Born 1968 in Qamishli, Syria. B.A. 1994, High Diploma 1996, M.A. 2001 & Ph.D. 2006 Philosophy Damascus University; Lecturer Tishreen & Damascus Univ. Banned 2007, forced to leave for KRI 2010. Teaching since then at several universities, recently at Koya in Erbil. Reseach topic: The Concept of Civil Society in Modern Philosophy (Thesis). Published various studies and books about historical criticism, political Islam and the Syrian Revolution & Kurds.  

Dr. Michiel M. Leezenberg
Born 1964 in Groningen, Netherlands. Studied classical philology, philosophy, and linguistics at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Amsterdam. Ph.D. in 1995. Ass. Professor of Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. In 1992, he was an election monitor in the first regional elections held in post-Saddam Iraqi Kurdistan. He has spent long periods of field research among the Kurds, and published numerous articles on the society, politics, economics, and cultural and intellectual history of the region.

Hakim Qasim Osman LL.B.
Born 1952 in Sinjar Nineveh, Iraq. Studied law at Mosul University and business management at Manchester University (online). Business management diploma 1984, LL.B. 1992. Worked 25 years as lawyer and judge mainly in Sinjar and Sulaimaniyah. First Yezidi judge of Iraq appointed by the late President Jalal Talabani. Retired July 2018. Member of Kurdistan union of judges since 2007. Founder Sinjar benefit association 2003. UK training course criminal investigation 2010.

Dr. Kozad M. Ahmed
Born 1967 Baghdad, Iraq. 1989 B.A./B.Sc. Arts & Archaeology, University of Baghdad. 1993 M.A. & 2012 Ph.D. Assyriology, University of Leiden, The Netherlands, Thesis: The Beginnings of Ancient Kurdistan, A Historical and Cultural Synthesis (c. 2500-1500 BC). Ass. Prof. and Head of Archaeology Department University of Sulaimani UoS. Topics: Historical and cultural beginnings of ancient Kurdistan. Leading Kurdish archaeologist. Numerous studies, books and articles on ancient origins of Kurdistan.

Dr. Haider Saeed

Born 1970 in Najaf, Iraq. Studied 1988-1992 in college of Arts in Baghdad University, Ph.D. Linguistics 2001. Works as scientist at Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha, Qatar. Editor-in-chief of the Siyasaat Arabiya Journal. Contributed to the "National Report on Human Development in Iraq" 2008 and 2014. Author of: Social Sciences Iraq 2008, end of National State’s Culture 2009, Arab Shia 2019. Main research interests: Iraq and its divided societies.

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